Friday, December 28, 2007

"Who's Got The Crack" - The Moldy Peaches

I strongly believe gangsta rap is over.

What i mean is, it will never cross over into mainstream music again.
theres no more mystery, curiosity or credibility in the genre anymore.
if we havent seen/heard it all, we think we have. i know i do.

so lets play a game:

If gangsta rap had a funeral. what would your playlist be?
If you'd like to RSVP for the funeral, post your playlist.

DJ88's take on the situation:

"Although not dead (a lot of current songs are basically doing the same thing) is an ode to the pioneers....
here's an a-list of the originators...mostly from Cali and one, gangsters from NY..."

"Top 12 - Ode to Gangster Rap"

6 in the Mornin' _ Ice T
Mack Attack - Too Short
Low Profile - Pay Dues
Do What I Feel - Dogg Pound
VSOP - Above The Law
jackin' for beats - Ice Cube
On The Run (REMIX) - Kool G Rap
Dopeman (REMIX) - N.W.A.
At Your Own Risk - King Tee
Is It Funky Enough - D.O.C.
187/Deep Cover - Dr. Dre & Snoop
One Time Gaffled 'Em Up - Comptons Most Wanted

by the way, gangsta rap had such a run it even influenced folk music...
or maybe it was crack that had the run... either way here is "Who's Got the Crack?"