Saturday, January 5, 2008

just a broke mogul move...

In a tourney worth 56k to first place. I imploded. My brain and my ego got into a wrestling match and my ego won. Which in principal, always leads to a dead end and tonight was no different.

Let me put it into perspective.

Imagine sitting in a room filled with 490 other people all with the dream of winning a big tourney. Really gross people. Have you ever ventured out on the RTD bus in LA? Same people.

We start at 7PM in a horrible chair. You sit, you wait, you strike and you hope you put your money in at the right time.

When 490 reduces to 56 people. There is a sense of accomplishment. While you still have your chips in front of you. You feel like you can at least make it to the final table and get a shot. I played consistently the whole night. Even laying down pocket 9s just to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

Until, 6 hrs later...

With the chip stack pictured. I was dealt AJ offsuit. A good hand to make a preflop raise with. If everyone folds you get the blinds and antes. At this point of the tourney its worth 3600. Not bad.

I raise, 5k. Then I hear "oh man, how much you have? I'm all in." the rest of the field folds. He has me covered by at least 10k. This is when ego tapped me or tapped into my brain.

"you gonna let him push you off your money in the pot? How can you win this tourney if you don't win some of these races? You have to call. He has middle pair. He sounded nervous. You have 2 over cards. Fuck it. Call him!"

Reason, "he's not putting you all in without a made hand. This is a fold. You took your shot. You still have money. Go away. Its ace jack. You're not even suited. Fold!"

I called. AJ vs. QQ. Flop: 10-6-10-8-2

Game over. All that time wasted.

worst part is, i knew it was the wrong play.
the devil was inside of me... pause
he took over.