Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm the worst poker player ever...

the song i shoulda listened to more carefully!!!!!

with 30 mins left to go in Day 1... 85k for first place

my stack dwindled down to 45k due to the crazy blinds and a bunch of pocket pairs trying to see a flop... never hitting any sets.

with the blinds 1000-2000 300 ante
i have AK suited in the small blind
under the gun makes it 6k (but he only has about 12k left)
middle position with 90k in chips shoves all in
i fold, assuming it was the right decision

HOWEVER, i really think the big stack didnt want anyone to call
and just wanted to isolate the shorter stack.
i cant imagine that guy had anything better than middle pair
or i coulda had him dominated if he had AJ AQ
so, i fold and now im on tilt bc i didnt call

about 2 rounds later and why im the worst...

35k in chips
I have pocket 10s in the small blind
under the gun makes 6k AGAIN
the button calls 6k
I flat call, when i shoulda pushed all in
flop comes 2c-3d-7s
now, like a moron, i push all in
under the gun calls me with pocket 9s
button calls us both with pocket 3s


the button obviously cant call me if hes just calling the raise
i have to take my chances against under the gun not having a bigger pair than me with the size of my stack... im so bad for shoving after the flop too...

if i shoved preflop, 9s probably call me and 3s fold
and I double up but, im home watching bill maher on tivo...

mad!!!!! ughhhhhh ughhh... poker is long, u get tired and make mistakes