Sunday, November 2, 2008

"In Time" - Jungle Brothers

"Do you believe?"
"I believe"

In time, in time
In time this rhyme'll be more than just a fantasy
A Black man'll be the man to claim Presidency
Is it hard to see?
So try to see as i see
In time i see a better Black reality
It took one man to open the door, yep!
He let in one million more
And i don't think that this country knows
What the hell that it's in for
A Black reign, to tough to tame (to tame)
Enough to blow the other man's brain (man's brain)
Things just won't be the same (the same)
It's gonna be a whole new game (a whole new game)
New lessons will be taught
Meaningless fights will not be fought
An attempt to save some lives
Spreading out more peaceful vibes
See that less drugs will be sold
So a man can live to grow old
Instead of being left in the cold to rot
'Cause he got stopped by a small white rock
I hope in time things change
And that i'm around to see that stage

In time my brother
In time my brother
In time my brother
In time