Friday, October 30, 2009


Everyone thinks Hip Hop is over (I definitely lean that way)... However, this is the 4th Quarter and its about to get interesting....

This song is one of the realest things hip hop has heard in a long fucking time. This is different than the Nas beef. This is personal. Beans and Jay were closer than Jay and Nas. You can hear it in Beans voice. He didn't wanna make this song. I think he felt corned, its too real. This is one of those songs that can escalate into a bad situation. My prediction is Jay will not respond. I don't think he can. Not that he can't hang lyrically but... ITS TOO DEEP (Pause). He will probably go on the radio and say some sly shit like he always does and that will be that.

Beans mentions, "let me off Rocafella Records... somebody wanted to give me real money." That has to be 50. Which makes this even more interesting because its almost like 50 has been setting this trap for Jay for a minute. 50 keeps talking about how Jay never fights his own battles, that he is in "a safe place right now" and "He's a piece of work, when Jadakiss came at him he put Siegal in front, when Cam'ron came he put Tru Life in front."

So... who will Jay send out for this one? If he does send someone else does this give 50 (who has an album coming out soon) ammunition to go at Jay for doing exactly what he said he would do when faced with a real challenge? There is some chess being played right now!

This looks like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for the ROC...

Man... if Jay figures a way out of this one... Can anyone deny him the best ever?

"I Ain't Your Average Cat" (Jay Z Diss) - Beanie Sigel